Born from the Trauma following the events of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Rise and Thrive is a movement dedicated to empowering others to emerge from the ashes of their own struggles, naturally and holistically, to create lives that they love. Founder Jennifer Kauffman’s struggle, and eventual triumph, in dealing with her own trauma as a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing, taught her that it is through personal strength, a focus on natural healing, and a connection to a community of experts ready and willing to help, that those that suffer through the weight of difficult ordeals, can find acceptance and the courage to rise-up! Jennifer Kauffman, along with the entire Rise and Thrive Movement, now dedicate themselves to inspiring, enlightening, and connecting individuals that seek to shed the burdens of trauma to live their best life.

The Values

Values-Everyone involved with the Rise and Thrive movement:

Our Mission

To inspire others to seek positive change after trauma, encourage them to embrace growth throughout their journey, and empower them to pursue their natural purpose and create a life that they love.

the vision

We vision a world where everyone is thriving, living their best life. 

The vision is to connect every willing individual with the life-changing information, natural healing methods, and enlightened leaders necessary to rise above their trauma and transform their lives. We will do this through award winning inspirational films, books, retreats, seminars, and online courses that engage a dedicated community  throughout the world.


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Jennifer Kauffman

Jennifer Kauffman

Jennifer Kauffman is an award-winning results coach, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, executive producer of the Emmy award-winning and Telly award-winning documentary A New Leash On Life: The K9s for Warriors Story (released October 2018) . In 2019, Jennifer was part of the production team that produced the first ever one man Broadway show called, Dream Big: Rudy Ruettiger Live on Broadway to a sold out audience. Jennifer launched her very own book, Shattered, in 2018 where she shares her personal story and journey of healing naturally from the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings and In 2017, Jennifer received the Quilly Award for her contributions to Jack Canfield’s bestselling book Mastering the Art of Success. She was inducted into the National Academy of Experts, Writers, and Speakers in 2016. In 2011, Jennifer received the Stars 40 Under 40 Award (currently called Rising Stars 40 Under 40) as an emerging leader in her community. Jennifer is passionate about teaching people how to create breakthrough results in their lives!
Jo Hawkins

Jo Hawkins

Transformation Neuroscience Coach Consultant, through Trailblazing Transformations and Certification Program, Success & Business Coach, helping people Align with their Purpose, discovering their Heart-Song and developing Businesses and Lives they Love while creating impact throughout the world! Inspirational Speaker, Author, Professional Nurse, Midwife, Professional Psychiatric Nurse, Professional Community Health Nurse, Child-line Certified Volunteer Crisis Counsellor, Certified Train the Trainer, Speaker, and Master Facilitator, Business Success, Psychology of Sales, Patents and Copyright, Knowledge Business Broker, Advanced Nutrition, Advanced Weight Loss, amongst others.
Crowned The Most Influential Finalist in Being She Universe 2020 in Dubai.
Nominated Business Woman of the Year, Awarded MVP Sapphire with Syntek Global, and winner of the prestigious Audi Convertible Award, Jo has Mentored thousands of Independent Business Owners around the Globe. Mentored with organizations like BNI, Business Network International, LivElite, served as Vice-Chair of SACBW, South African Council of Business Women, Secunda, South Africa.

Transformational Director of the Documentary film:
“There’s got to be more to life…”
Founder CEO of Influencr, Totus Tuus Adventures cc, Legacy ME International Consulting Fz LLC, Influencr Branding Agency, Influencr.Me and Influencr Magazine.

Sarina Arcari

Sarina Arcari

Sarina Arcari, PMP -Founder & CEO of Arcari Solutions LLC, a woman-owned, bespoke project management and executive leadership consultancy specializing in enterprise transformation, executive team evolution, and conscious high-performance leadership.
Sarina has led enterprise PMOs for large corporations and emerging start-ups alike. An award-winning transformation executive, she achieved strategic governance and tactical delivery successes leading multibillion-dollar capital infrastructure and strategic growth portfolios. Recognized for building high-performing organizations known for exceeding customer expectations, she is highly sought after to coach, mentor, and guide executives and organizations through major enterprise, executive leadership, and life stage transformations.

Anela arcari

Anela Arcari, NCC
Intuitive Mentor & Leadership Coach
Transformational Documentary Film Executive Producer
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired

A highly sought-after life coach and transformational leader, Anela is a decorated combat veteran with 28 years of active-duty service in the US Army Corps of Engineers. While in the military, Anela specialized in construction and resource management in both high-intensity austere environments and large military multi-million-dollar construction projects on US and foreign military installations. She is highly successful at building and leading extremely diverse teams, is expert in leadership development and is a praised leadership coach and mentor. Recognized for exceptional problem solving in challenging conditions with significant resource constraints.

Anela commanded her first unit in combat upon graduating college and successfully held various levels of increased responsibility up to and including a very diverse battalion. She is a proven servant leader able to remain calm in the most demanding situations with the innate ability to elicit the very best performance of everyone on the team.

Awarded several military awards at each level including the Bronze Star metal for her deployment to Afghanistan, the Bronze de Fleury Medal given to an individual who has rendered significant service or support to an element of the US Army Engineer Regiment and culminating her career with the Legion of Merit (seventh in the order of precedence of all U.S. military awards). Her company received the Active Army Itschner Award from the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) presented to the most outstanding US Army engineer company during the year.

Most recently, Anela has performed as Executive Producer and assistant editor for a new, transformational film. Different than anything she has done in her career, Anela has used her strong leadership and problem-solving skills to assist with informing the concept, direction, and formation of the film.

Anela has lived and worked all over the world including the US, Europe, the Pacific Islands, Middle East, Central and Southeastern Asia. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Education (Leadership Development and Counseling) and is a National Certified Counselor (NCC).

Sue Shalley

Sue Carol Shalley is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Sue is the founder and CEO of Field Services Unlimited, a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, which delivers richly detailed site architectural as-built surveys and facility assessments to Fortune 1000 companies.
Ms. Shalley’s 20+ years of experience in business development and organizational management ensures that clients receive great products that “exceed their expectations from enterprises who are trustworthy, ethical, and makes it fun. She has developed a clientele that reads as the who’s who of retail, QSR, and financial services companies including Starbucks, Wendy’s, Sprint, H&R Block, 7-Eleven, Valero, Bank of America, and Cushman Wakefield.
Sue’s newest enterprise is Prosper Kindly, committed to coaching entrepreneurs how to sell and promote their businesses. She has developed a unique sales curriculum based on the acronym, ‘CLASSY’.

She was owner and founder of Melissa’s Catering and Cookies, and ‘Sue in Boulder’ hand-crafted jewelry.
Specialties: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Small Business Operations and coaching.
Tri-Lingual – Spanish, American Sign Language, English.
Lived in Spain, worked in Mexico and Cambodia.
Volunteer commitments – Children’s Future Int’l Board, Member Philanthropy Circle of the Women’s Laureate Initiative, leader of event committees for Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, ACC Refugee Resettlement Agency, Pet Aid.

Donna DiDomenico

An award-winning leader in the areas of leader development, business culture, and people strategy, Donna has guided her career to achieving a diverse business background by holding strategic, executive leadership roles in a variety of business functions and industries. Known for her desire to inspire and transform the skills of leaders to build the insight, resiliency, and innovative thought required for future success, Donna is a highly recommended life coach recognized for her passion, dedication, and commitment to assisting people in achieving their goals.

Founder of 3D Leader Network, a boutique consulting firm, Donna passionately coaches leaders in transforming and evolving workforces to address the future needs of people and business. She believes leaders must believe in, and focus on, themselves first to effectively lead others to success.

Donna recently launched a new non-profit organization, Awesome AOS, to empower and unite adults on the autism spectrum. Through networking activities, free coaching and development services, and adult learning programs, Awesome AOS assists its members in achieving their dreams.

Always looking to learn and perform in areas new to her, Donna recently accepted an opportunity to co-produce a new, life-changing, transformational film that will be released later this year. Donna’s impactful leadership has assisted the team in effectively marketing and launching the film. Strategically, Donna is working on next steps to bring movie concepts and solutions to life for broad audiences around the world.

Donna is a professional speaker in the areas of leadership, cultural transformation, people development strategies, and humanity. She also speaks to her experience as a parent raising a now-adult on the autism spectrum, and her ongoing search to find tools to successfully empower and recognize her daughter’s abilities. Audiences find her talks authentic, relative, encouraging, and helpful to their personal, professional, and organization’s development. Donna continues to participate on several advisory boards and associations focused on humanity, business, and workforce needs for the present and future.

Susan Mercer

Susan Mercer

Susan Mercer of Modern Outlooks(modernoutlooks.com) is an International Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Alchemist, and award-winning Film Producer. Susan provides services as an End of Life Advocate, Intuitive/Medium, Energy Healer, Space Clearer, Kundalini Reiki Practitioner, and Interior Designer.

Susan Sisk

Corporate Executive
Intuitive and Spiritual Coach
Transformational Leader

Susan spent her career as a Finance Executive working in the legal, health and engineering industries. She has supervised and led diverse teams in successfully achieving strategic and technical goals. She is data driven and is a life-long learner, and approaches life with an open mind and a desire to learn.

Being a servant leader, community service is important to her, and she has served on numerous committees and boards within her community and profession.

Susan’s love of mentoring people naturally led her into coaching. Her positive nature, gift for relationship building, and desire to help others make her an insightful and passionate coach. She adamantly believes that each of us has the capacity to create the life we desire by understanding what it is that we truly want.

Judi Miller

Judi Miller

Judi Miller is a best-selling author, transformational coach and sought-after speaker and radio show host.
Her book, Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness & Transformation, has won over twelve literary awards. It has inspired people globally to open their hearts and live a life filled with greater freedom and joy.
Judi has worked with some of the world’s most spiritual visionaries and is trained in ancestral and energy clearing. Her journey has brought her numerous lessons around the nature of the creator, forgiveness and the trajectory each soul follows throughout the course of many lives. Today, sharing these lessons is an integral part of her mission. As a certificated trainer, facilitator and coach, she shares her relatable and heartfelt messages with others who want to awaken to their true greatness and experience lasting happiness.
Judi started her career as a Certified Public Accountant and went on to excel in the world of corporate finance for some of the largest companies in the world. As a graduate of the Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program, she’s been dedicated to personal transformation and helping others excel in a constantly changing environment for over 30 years.

Charise Cassetta

Charise Cassetta

A free spirit and adventurer, Charise has thrived both personally and professionally.  Taking a leap of faith in 2014, Charise packed up her entire life and left her childhood home of Boston MA. She began anew in Charleston SC where she started a freelance bookkeeping business.

In the midst of selling, packing, and preparing for her move, a good friend – and a Boston Marathon Bombing survivor- asked her to run the Boston Marathon.  Wanting to support her friend, she said ‘yes’, and added training for a marathon to the list of 2014.

Since arriving in Charleston and opening her business, Charise has been able to freely create the life she wants to live and travel more.  Some of her favorite highlights are the completion of the Camino de Santiago – a 500-mile walk across northern Spain and hiking the 90-mile West Highland Way in the Scottish Highlands.  Both completed in the same year.

Charise has participated in the transformational programs offered by Landmark Education.  As a graduate, she has assisted in the production of many courses and seminars that Landmark offers as a way to give back.  This has opened many doors and led to an interest in being an event planner to manage events around the world.

Charise became involved as the production assistant and sound manager for the documentary, ‘There’s Got to Be More to Life’. When the documentary team found itself struggling to gain music rights for the film, Charise decided to create and record her own song, Rise Up.  What makes this interesting is that the entire process from writing, creating the music and final recorded production was done in only 10 days.  Almost unheard of.  And she laid down the vocal tracks in her closet!

Charise is a proud mother to her beautiful daughter, Aja, who she was able to raise as a single parent, maintain a stable home while still exploring life.

Charise is an adventurer, knowledge seeker, and free spirit.  She is a freelance bookkeeper who started her own business when moving from Boston, MA to Charleston SC in 2014.  Since creating her business she has been able to freely explore the world as she can work from anywhere.

While thriving personally and professionally Charise is a Landmark Education graduate and assisted in the production of the courses and seminars at Landmark.  This has led to an interest in being an event planner to manage events around the world.

From running the Boston Marathon, walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago, and the West Highland Way route in the Scottish Highlands, she is always searching for better ways to live a fuller life.

Interested in listening to music and attending many live concerts since she was 16, she recently began writing and interpreting music in her own way.  Starting with learning to play the ukulele a few years ago and, recently, writing and co-writing lyrics.

Leigh Tipper

Leigh Tipper is an international healer, teacher, speaker and aspiring author who helps people fully integrate the mind-body-spirit connection, enabling them to discover their very own superpowers. Leigh has discovered that when people tap into their own superpowers they have the ability to heal, prosper and grow. They can literally go from merely surviving to thriving. She has witnessed this firsthand in her own life and in the lives of so many others. At an early age, Leigh had the ability to work with energy and see more in people. Deep down she knew there was more to life. As a child, Leigh spent hours with her nose close to the earth communicating with spiritual beings no bigger than her little hand. They brought gifts of joy, whispering secrets of the universe. She thought everyone had the same abilities and experiences, but she soon discovered not everyone did. Leigh was severely bullied and she found it very difficult to relate to the so-called “normal” world. Leigh made a conscious decision to turn off her spiritual gifts in her childhood in hopes of fitting in. She remembers looking to the summer sky praying that one day she would be able to return to them.

Leigh struggled through school, never being able to focus on learning. It wasn’t until she found basketball that she was able to put her head down and work at something that mattered to her, something that she was good at. She expressed herself through art and drama but after graduation Leigh felt no desire to do much with herself, looking back she most likely was suffering from depression and this led to a very tough road filled with abusive relationships and hard times.
Leigh believes that her children came to save her life. Her journey to remembering began after the birth of her second child. Laying with her daughter as she nursed, Leigh’s childhood memories flooding back. It was as if her daughter awakened the little girl inside of her again.

At that time Leigh was in a very traumatic relationship. It was difficult for her to navigate these gifts awakening while simultaneously seeing her husband struggle with mental illness. Leigh began to have health issues which led her to start seeing an energy healer. It was this healer that told Leigh that she was a very ancient soul and that she was here on earth to help humanity heal. Within the next year Leigh had the scare of her life. In the middle of the night while her family was asleep she lost all mobility of her muscles and speech and was rushed to the hospital. She doesn’t remember anything about the ride in the ambulance. At the hospital she was put through all kinds of tests, but all Leigh remembers is seeing various lights and having multiple conversations with spirit. When she finally came to the doctors informed her that there was nothing wrong with her. After this incident Leigh’s world was suddenly filled with energy workers and shamans. Each of them affirmed this health scare as an Awakening and confirmed her ability to help others heal. The time that followed was like a great remembering for Leigh.

Every sense became heightened and her ability to communicate beyond the physical realm expanded. Eventually Leigh left her marriage with her two children. With nowhere to live she was starting her life over again. She hit the road on a seven week adventure, just her, a van and her two amazing children. Her goal was to teach them that life is truly what you make of it, that endings are amazing opportunities for new beginnings and that there is so much more in life than pain and struggle. In that process she worked diligently to heal her children and herself. As Leigh’s gifts and abilities began to awaken even further as she dedicated herself to serving others. 

Leigh believes that everyone has the superpowers required to heal themselves. Her passion is to help others awaken to these abilities using the mind, body and spirit, ultimately creating a more fulfilling and liberating life. Leigh is here to show others the value of their life and to teach unconditional self love. Her remote healing sessions vary from energy medicine and sound healing to self empowerment lessons and guided meditations. She has helped hundreds of people move from struggling and surviving to living fully and thriving. Not only does Leigh work with clients one on one, she also teaches her carefully crafted courses online. She is currently working on her first oracle deck which is due to release in 2021. You can learn more about Leigh and her various programs by going to her website: www.thisluminouslifewithleigh.com