If you are having a technical issue with the site, a problem checking out or watching the movie,
please fill out this Report an Issue webform and someone will get back to you right away.

Once you’ve purchased the film, you will immediately see a Thank You message on the next screen with a link to watch the movie straight away. In addition, you will be sent 3 emails:

If you did not receive all 3 emails, please check your spam and promotions folder. Please make sure you at movies@riseandthriveproductions.com to your contact / safe list to ensure future email communications are received.

You can stream the film on a PC, MAC, laptop, smart phone, tablet and a Smart TV with web browsing capability. You simply need to go to: https://riseandthriveproductions.com/ in one of the following supported web browsers using an electronic device you prefer and logging in with a valid username and password:


          Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • FireFox
  • Brave



Please note: Our movie player has mixed success with Smart TVs and web casting devices. As there are ongoing updates to these various devices.

Sign into your account on https://riseandthriveproductions.com/ using the username and password you registered with when making your purchase.

Once you are logged in, please go to the top menu bar and click on Full Movie and it  will begin streaming. 


After double checking that you are signed into your https://riseandthriveproductions.com/ account, please go to My Profile and click Transactions to see if your viewing has expired. If your viewing has not expired, click on the movie title link on the transaction screen and the film will starting streaming. If you are still having difficulty, please refresh your browser to reload the website. This will update the browser with the latest information about your account and usually resolves these issues.

If you are still having issues, please fill out our Report an Issue form so we can gather the details to best assist you promptly.

Every computer system is different given the various settings of each user’s device, operating system, and browser. This sometimes leads to compatibility issues with our protected technology video player. If you are having difficulties viewing the film, please review our chart for device setups that are confirmed to be compatible with our system.



Windows 10

Chrome (59.0.3), Firefox (54.0), Edge (25.10.0) latest version

Mac OS 10.10.5

Safari (9.0), Chrome (58.0.3)

Mac OS 10.12

Safari, Chrome (58.0.3), Firefox, Edge

Mac OS 10.12.1

Safari (10.0.1), Chrome (59.0.3), Firefox (53.0.3), Edge

Mac OS 10.11.3

Safari (9.0.3),Chrome (, Firefox (53.0.3), Edge

iOS 11.2 & Higher


Android 6.1 & Higher

Chrome 60 & above, Edge, Samsung Browser all latest version


*Having the latest updates for your operating system and browser increases the likelihood of compatibility.

This chart does not guarantee that the player will always be compatible given the unique settings that individuals can create on their devices, nor does it mean that if a device/system is not listed here that it will not work. However, if a system setup is not in this chart we cannot guarantee that the movie will operate properly. But, the solution to your playback issue may be as simple as switching to a different browser, for example Google Chrome.

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