Charise Cassetta

A free spirit and adventurer, Charise has thrived both personally and professionally.  Taking a leap of faith in 2014, Charise packed up her entire life and left her childhood home of Boston MA. She began anew in Charleston SC where she started a freelance bookkeeping business.

In the midst of selling, packing, and preparing for her move, a good friend – and a Boston Marathon Bombing survivor- asked her to run the Boston Marathon.  Wanting to support her friend, she said ‘yes’, and added training for a marathon to the list of 2014.

Since arriving in Charleston and opening her business, Charise has been able to freely create the life she wants to live and travel more.  Some of her favorite highlights are the completion of the Camino de Santiago – a 500-mile walk across northern Spain and hiking the 90-mile West Highland Way in the Scottish Highlands.  Both completed in the same year.

Charise has participated in the transformational programs offered by Landmark Education.  As a graduate, she has assisted in the production of many courses and seminars that Landmark offers as a way to give back.  This has opened many doors and led to an interest in being an event planner to manage events around the world.

Charise became involved as the production assistant and sound manager for the documentary, ‘There’s Got to Be More to Life’. When the documentary team found itself struggling to gain music rights for the film, Charise decided to create and record her own song, Rise Up.  What makes this interesting is that the entire process from writing, creating the music and final recorded production was done in only 10 days.  Almost unheard of.  And she laid down the vocal tracks in her closet!

Charise is a proud mother to her beautiful daughter, Aja, who she was able to raise as a single parent, maintain a stable home while still exploring life.

Charise is an adventurer, knowledge seeker, and free spirit.  She is a freelance bookkeeper who started her own business when moving from Boston, MA to Charleston SC in 2014.  Since creating her business she has been able to freely explore the world as she can work from anywhere.

While thriving personally and professionally Charise is a Landmark Education graduate and assisted in the production of the courses and seminars at Landmark.  This has led to an interest in being an event planner to manage events around the world.

From running the Boston Marathon, walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago, and the West Highland Way route in the Scottish Highlands, she is always searching for better ways to live a fuller life.

Interested in listening to music and attending many live concerts since she was 16, she recently began writing and interpreting music in her own way.  Starting with learning to play the ukulele a few years ago and, recently, writing and co-writing lyrics.

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