Leigh Tipper

Leigh Tipper is an international healer, teacher, speaker and aspiring author who helps people fully integrate the mind-body-spirit connection, enabling them to discover their very own superpowers. Leigh has discovered that when people tap into their own superpowers they have the ability to heal, prosper and grow. They can literally go from merely surviving to thriving. She has witnessed this firsthand in her own life and in the lives of so many others. At an early age, Leigh had the ability to work with energy and see more in people. Deep down she knew there
was more to life. As a child, Leigh spent hours with her nose close to the earth communicating with spiritual beings no bigger than her little hand. They brought gifts of joy, whispering secrets of the universe. She thought everyone had the same abilities and experiences, but she soon
discovered not everyone did. Leigh was severely bullied and she found it very difficult to relate to the so-called “normal” world. Leigh made a conscious decision to turn off her spiritual gifts in her childhood in hopes of fitting in. She remembers looking to the summer sky praying that one day she would be able to return to them.
Leigh struggled through school, never being able to focus on learning. It wasn’t until she found basketball that she was able to put her head down and work at something that mattered to her, something that she was good at. She expressed herself through art and drama but after graduation Leigh felt no desire to do much with herself, looking back she most likely was
suffering from depression and this led to a very tough road filled with abusive relationships and hard times.
Leigh believes that her children came to save her life. Her journey to remembering began after the birth of her second child. Laying with her daughter as she nursed, Leigh’s childhood memories flooding back. It was as if her daughter awakened the little girl inside of her again.
At that time Leigh was in a very traumatic relationship. It was difficult for her to navigate these gifts awakening while simultaneously seeing her husband struggle with mental illness. Leigh began to have health issues which led her to start seeing an energy healer. It was this healer
that told Leigh that she was a very ancient soul and that she was here on earth to help humanity heal. Within the next year Leigh had the scare of her life. In the middle of the night while her family was asleep she lost all mobility of her muscles and speech and was rushed to the hospital. She doesn’t remember anything about the ride in the ambulance. At the hospital she was put through all kinds of tests, but all Leigh remembers is seeing various lights and having multiple conversations with spirit. When she finally came to the doctors informed her that there was nothing wrong with her. After this incident Leigh’s world was suddenly filled with energy
workers and shamans. Each of them affirmed this health scare as an Awakening and confirmed her ability to help others heal. The time that followed was like a great remembering for Leigh.
Every sense became heightened and her ability to communicate beyond the physical realm expanded. Eventually Leigh left her marriage with her two children. With nowhere to live she was starting her life over again. She hit the road on a seven week adventure, just her, a van and her two amazing children. Her goal was to teach them that life is truly what you make of it, that endings are amazing opportunities for new beginnings and that there is so much more in life than pain and struggle. In that process she worked diligently to heal her children and herself. As Leigh’s gifts and abilities began to awaken even further as she dedicated herself to serving others. Leigh believes that everyone has the superpowers required to heal themselves. Her passion is to help others awaken to these abilities using the mind, body and spirit, ultimately creating a more fulfilling and liberating life. Leigh is here to show others the value of their life and to teach unconditional self love. Her remote healing sessions vary from energy medicine and sound healing to self empowerment lessons and guided meditations. She has helped hundreds of people move from struggling and surviving to living fully and thriving. Not only does
Leigh work with clients one on one, she also teaches her carefully crafted courses online. She is currently working on her first oracle deck which is due to release in 2021. You can learn more about Leigh and her various programs by going to her website:www.thisluminouslifewithleigh.com

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